Products : mPro3 Phone / Barcode and Scanning

mPro3 Phone - Is an add on to mPro3 On-line where the screens have been tailored to fit smaller web enabled devices. - allows users to enter service request, close orders, view equipment and service history, view open orders, view PM's, etc.

mPro3 Phone can also be enabled as a Download/Upload system, allowing you to go anywhere and not be connected to any network.

Phone powered programs are fast and easy to use.

Just download your open orders in the morning and upload completed ones at the end of the day.

Equipment and service history too.

Perform PM's and see the inspection procedures right on the screen.

Totally paperless.

Phone features:

  • • Graffiti data entry
  • • On screen key board
  • • Scroll mouse
  • • Clear crisp screen
  • • Email, calendar, excel, and word too
  • • Optional internet web access

Now get additional work "terminals" without:
Buying new devices!
Any additional installation fees!
Losing any desk space! Well, hardly any... you've got to set it somewhere.


Scanners can be attached to Phones, Desktops, Laptops etc. You can barcode equipment and or mPro3 work orders. Barcoding increases accuracy and cuts down data entry time.