Our commitment to providing quality software and services to the Healthcare and other industries is unrivaled.

Our latest generation CMMS software, mPro3 - Medical & Maintenance Management, The Software for Facilities & Clinical Engineering Professionals is in use at facilities across the country. mPro3 has helped them meet their Facilities Management and Clinical Engineering Management goals.

mPro3 On-line - Is a complete CMMS system that runs on the internet or local intranet.

mPro3 Service Request and Status system - allows clinical and other staff to enter service requests and check status of those requests.

mPro3 Phone - Is an add on to mPro3 On-line where the screens have been tailored to fit smaller web enabled devices - allows users to enter service request, close orders, view equipment and service history, view open orders, view PM's, etc.

Can also be enabled as an Upload/Download system: Download and go anywhere with no ties to any network. Upload when you are back on site.

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