Products : mPro3 Service Request and Status System

mPro3 Service Request and Status system - Available as an add-on, allowing clinical and other staff to enter service requests and check status of those requests.

A standard system service request system may be customized with to meet your needs. For example adding a priority field or control# field.

Options available, but not limited to:

  • Printing: Requests may be routed by facility, trade, employee or other options.
  • Email: Staff may be automatically emailed and/or paged when a new request is entered.
  • Rotation of staff: New requests may be routed to different staff members. Example: Day shift vs. Swing/Graveyard
  • Completion notification: When a request is complete, the requestor can receive an email notification that the job is finished.
  • Equipment and History lookup.
  • Other options available upon request.

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